Florencia Bollini

Panel: Why are Psychedelics Medicine?

Named The Corporate Shaman by Forbes Magazine, Flor has over a decade of experience as one of the pioneering practitioners of the plant medicine world. She has developed and introduced an expert system that has set the standard for the administration and integration of 5-MeO-DMT, the most potent psychoactive compound in the world. Her empathetic, feminine approach to serving and integrating psychoactive medicines has been adopted by the leaders in the space.

She is now building NANA, the world’s first comprehensive integrative therapy solution for mental health and wellness. It’s an expert system that combines technology, counseling and lifestyle modifications to scale and standardize the preparation, administration, and integration of any psychoactive medicine. NANA is building a content platform and online community to support the psychoactive renaissance, that empowers people to heal and transform their lives, and makes these medicines effective, accessible, and not addictive.

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