Shane Mauss

Emcee & Opening Keynote Speaker

Stand-up comedian, adventurer, and science enthusiast!

Shane Mauss been a stand-up comedian since 2004 and touring full-time since 2007.

He has been interviewing scientists each week since 2014 for the Here We Are Podcast.

In 2019 He released the documentary Psychonautics.

In 2021 Shane joined artist Ramin Nazer to form Mind Under Matter.

Originally  from La Crosse, Wisconsin this former factory worker skipped college to become a stand-up comedian. He has had five appearances on Conan,  several on Comedy Central, and many other spots on Kimmel, Showtime,  Epix, and more.

Compelled  to talk about bigger ideas, he now travels to universities around the  world to interview researchers on a journey to learn as much about life  as possible on the Here We Are Podcast.

In the age of podcasting, more people might be familiar with Shane as a  regular guest on Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, Pete Holmes ‘You Made It  Weird’.  He’s had appearances on other huge podcasts like Bertcast,  WTF, Wisky Ginger, and This Past Weekend.

Favorite topics include: psychology, biology, evolution, cognitive biases, behavioral economics, mating, animal behavior, neuroscience, psychedelics and consciousness.

Shane’s newest project Mind Under Matter combines passions for comedy, science, philosophy, and art into one show.

Follow Shane Here:

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