Will Siu, MD/Dphil

Panel: Deciphering the Medical Potential of Psychedelics

Will Siu, MD, DPhil, completed medical and graduate school at UCLA and the University of Oxford, respectively, before training as a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School. He remained on the faculty at Harvard for two years prior to moving to New York City to further pursue his interest in psychedelic medicine as a practitioner and public advocate through speaking, writing, and social media. Will is an advisor to Bexson Biomedical and People Science. He, along with Devon Christie, MD and People Science, is preparing a pilot research study for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for fibromyalgia. Will has been trained by MAPS to provide MDMA-assisted therapy and maintains a private practice in Los Angeles where he provides individual psychotherapy and ketamine-facilitated psychotherapy. He approaches his work with the goal of lasting, patient-centered healing—using his skills and experience to help his clients find healing within themselves. He teaches and supervises therapists and psychiatrists as part of his clinical practice.

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