Kevin Nicholson

Paving the Way: Ketamine Clinics Today, Psilocybin and MDMA Therapy Tomorrow

As CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers  Kevin brings over 20 years of experience and perspective ranging from direct patient care to C-Level management of the largest, most-respected ketamine provider in the US.  In six years Kevin has grown KWC from a single ground-breaking clinic in Phoenix AZ into 10 highly successful clinics nationwide. Reaching over 60,000 treatments and with an annual revenue of more than $ 4.5MM, Kevin has been instrumental in positioning 2021 as KWC’s platform year. It is this platform that is launching further, expedited coast-to-coast expansion of cost-effective, value-based ketamine care. At each step of a remarkable and continued expansion, Kevin’s guidance and personal commitment has ensured KWC has never wavered from its mission-driven culture of personalized, first-in-class patient care for people suffering from significant mood disorders or chronic pain.

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