Lamar Odom

Fireside Chat : Reborn

Lamar Odom is a former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and CEO.


The world knows Odom as a two-time NBA world champion who rocketed to uncharted heights of fame thanks to being a member of both the storied Los Angeles Lakers and the ubiquitous Kardashian empire.


But who is Lamar Odom, really? Fans have long praised his accessibility and genuine everyman quality; he is a binding talent who has suffered a series of heartaches, setback, and loss. But until now, his most candid moments have remained behind closed doors, sometimes face down on the floor.


Odom has been public about his struggles with addiction and suffered a highly publicized overdose in 2015, which led to 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks. When he recovered, his doctors called him “a walking miracle,” and Odom realized he needed to take drastic action to reclaim his life.


In his upcoming documentary Lamar Odom Reborn, directed by Zappy Zapolin, Odom invites us to observe his personal healing journey as he bravely explores several different cutting-edge (and ancient) treatments to heal PTSD, anxiety, and addiction. From the pain of his unraveled marriage to Khloe Kardashian to the near-death experience that made him rethink everything about his life, this is Lamar Odom as you have never seen him before.


Odom’s healing journey using psychedelic medicine role models a powerful path of recovery.

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